There is very little mainstream research that has been created by caste-oppressed migrants that are by and for our community. The history of caste apartheid in South Asia had set up a near impermeable, millennia spanning,  knowledge barrier to those of us who came from "low caste" backgrounds. This means that we have always held knowledge and we have always created knowledge, our traditional knowledge was not valued or recorded properly by a caste-ed society. In the spaces of mainstream knowledge-making now, we are marginalized both by white supremacist and Brahminical hegemonies of knowledge production. As a result very few people know about the policy needs of our community and the need of the moment is to create an emerging community participatory research eco-system that centers community collaboration through the entire process of building knowledge. 

Equality Labs departs from colonizing research methodologies and instead adopts indigneous research frames. We are committed to  working with multiple stakeholders in our community including community institutions, academia, and individual members to create vital research to better visibilize the needs of our community and help create the pathways to agency for caste and gender equity for all of our members. 

Our first research project is the Caste in the United States which is the first survey of caste in the diapsora. You can read the report here.