Imagining Futures

Joshua Mays licensed to Spells for A New America

Joshua Mays licensed to Spells for A New America


Can we Imagine A New Future Together?

These are hard times. When we look at climate change, racial inequity, and economic instability the world of today looks like a dystopia. It is world bred of the pessimisim limited by the vision of technocrats and policymakers who never considered that the future belongs to more people than just their limited circles, it is something that belongs to all of us.

That is why Equality Labs and Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Inquiry have embarked on the Imagining Futures Survey. This survey is meant to harness our greatest weapons against this pessimism: our imagination.

We believe we can imagine ourselves out of our current problems by dreaming beyond our socialization and holding space for visions of the future where all communities can be free. The idea for this survey came out of a residency that Equality Labs's Executive Director Thenmozhi Soundararajan had with Professors Patrick Jagoda and Melissa Gilliam the University of Chicago's Gray Center.

In discussing ways we might be able to look at futurism as a way to build community and power, we decided to create a survey that invites participants to explore alternative futures.

This survey builds on the work of so many participatory futurists and we hope you will join a global community of people who believe the future is all of ours.

To participate take the survey here.

It will take about 15 minutes and don't be intimidated by the basic design! If you have any questions please e-mail us at

We are so excited to see what we all can dream up together.

The Imagining Futures survey