There’s some good news and some great news!

New Media Ventures just announced the recipients of this year’s round of funding

Image credit: New Media Ventures

Image credit: New Media Ventures

The good news is that Equality Labs is part of the amazing cohort of progressive startups in New Media Ventures’ biggest investment round yet. The great news is that we’ll be using the funds to strengthen the movement!

We’re incredibly grateful to New Media Ventures for investing in our mission to empower vulnerable communities that are organizing against Caste apartheid, racism and Islamophobia.

Since 2010, New Media Ventures has invested over $50 million and supported over 60 companies and organizations that are working to build movements, increase civic engagement and create new narratives. These organizations include Daily Kos, ActBlue Civics,, Swing Left, Pantsuit Nation and Hustle, all of which have gone on to become significant players in the progressive movement today.  

Over the last two years, Equality Labs has been building digital self-defense practices with organizers, activists, journalists, and researchers from minority groups across the country. We have also continued learning about the specific risk profiles digital security needs of these communities within the movement. The New Media Ventures investment will be used by Equality Labs to design and develop a product based on these findings and the specific use cases that we’ve encountered in our work. We’re excited to kick-start this new project and begin building! Stay tuned for updates. 

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