We're headed to Netroots Nation 2018

And we'll be talking about building knowledge and power on the internet

History may be written by the victors but the survivors are silent no more! How they tell their stories and rewrite chapters of history not only impacts their own survival and empowerment but that of their future generations.

Our research director Maari Zwick-Maitreyi has been thinking extensively about the power of oppressed peoples to tell their own stories with autonomy and affect history. Through her work in participatory knowledge projects that challenge white supremacist and Brahminical narratives, she’s been speaking truth to power while also flipping the scripts on discrimination, oppression, and exclusion to one of resistance and resilience.

Maari will be talking about her work at Netroots Nation 2018, this weekend at a panel titled, “Not today, Satan: Using the Internet to fight erasure and displacement in Asian American communities” along with other amazing Asian American activists including Huiying Bernice Chan, Nina Wallace, and Diane Wong.  The panel which will focus on the Asian American community’s history of resistance and talk about how the Internet has shaped Asian American organizing today. Here’s what Maari had to say about the upcoming panel.

The panel will discuss the history and future of Asian American organizing online in the United States. What are you going to focus on?

Briefly, I will try to bring up the ideas of how marginalized people have represented their narratives on the internet generally and provide specific examples of how Caste-resisting communities have done the same. I hope to provide more context for projects like Dalit History Month and our forays into the world of open source wiki encyclopedias like Wikipedia.

Who would benefit most from participating in this conversation?

This panel focuses on Asian American representation online and how it can co-relate with work offline. I think everyone who is Asian American or interested in knowing about different strategies that Asian Americans are using to bridge gaps, connect movements, and establish
presence online would benefit from this panel

Why is Netroots Nation an important space for this discussion?

For more than a decade, Netroots Nation has hosted the largest annual conference for progressives, drawing thousands of attendees from around the country and beyond.  It features 3000 attendees, 175 sessions, and over 400 speakers. Attendees are online organizers, grassroots activists, and independent media makers. This is an important space to be able to inform and make ourselves visible but also to learn and exchange with other Asian American comrades.

What do you hope people take back from this panel?

What the hope of the panelists is that people can take away possibilities their own online work for their movements. We also hope that people will be able to imagine new strategies to bridge online and offline work.

The panel will take place from 3:30 to 4:45 pm on August 4th in Room 222, New Orleans’ Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, 900 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70130. For more details on the other panelists, click here.

Also at Netroots Nation 2018 are our friends and allies from Playloops who will be hosting a training session titled "Building Story-shifting GIFs" in room R03 on Saturday, August 4 from 2:00 PM to 3:15 PM. Go check them out if you're interested in learning more about how GIF stories can be used to impact messaging and drive change. Learn more about their session here

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