#NoBanNoWall: Equality Labs Stands by Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Image Credit: Design Action

Image Credit: Design Action

Today, the United States Supreme Court upheld the Trump administration’s third “Muslim ban” that restricts travel, blocks immigrants and temporary visitors from seven countries—Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Venezuela, North Korea and Somalia. Five of these are Muslim majority countries. 

Equality Labs condemns this decision, especially as one that robs our Muslim brothers and sisters and their families of the right to be safe but also as one that will go down in history as an act of infamy and white supremacy. 

“From Chinese Exclusion Act which first attempted to register immigrants in 1882 to the Korematsu decision in 1944 that targeted Japanese Americans, our communities have survived previous attacks on our civil liberties and today is no different. We will fight not only till the Muslim ban is overturned but till all our families are reunited,”  said Equality Labs Executive Director, Thenmozhi Soundararajan.

In Justice Sotomayor’s dissent she warns that ignoring the racist and islamophobic roots of this ban "erodes the foundational principles of religious tolerance that the court elsewhere has so emphatically protected...It tells members of minority religions in our country that they are outsiders, not full members of the political community.”

Equality Labs stands together with our Muslim friends. We are one community and we will not stand for this violence. We stand with families torn apart by borders and white supremacist policy. We stand with individuals who are braving increased hate crimes in their places of worship and with Muslim students battling Islamophobia on college campuses as a result of this administration’s anti-Muslim rhetoric. 

We also stand proudly with our Muslim and South Asian collaborators and allies including Justice for Muslims Collective, CAIR, Asian Americans For Advancing Justice and SAALT, as well as smaller, local organizations whose communities are directly and immediately affected by the ban.

Lastly, we stand with our South Asian Muslim brothers and sisters who are feeling the trauma of Islamophobia not just here, but also back in their home countries( in mixed religious societies like India) and are bearing the weight of American Islamophobia's impacts on their families in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. 

We ask every progressive South Asian American to stand with and carry the water of all of our brothers and sisters who are targeted by this administration Whether it is in the streets, in places of worship, schools, airports, or in all of our local communities. we believe now and forever, No Ban, No Wall, Sanctuary for all. 

Get involved!

Find a local community event that you can turn up to: #StandWithMuslims: Find an event near you has a list of events in more than 20 American cities.

Hear from the community and join the discussion at Community Forum: Muslim Ban, Oakland.

Support our allies at End Family Detention: Women Take Action, Washington D.C.

Learn more about Islam and the effects of Islamophobia with resources from Justice for Muslims Collective

If you are organizing in your local communities and would like to be listed here, please email us at hello@equalitylabs.org.

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