Imagining the End of Caste in the South Asian Diaspora


Equality labs is a South Asian community technology organization that uses community research, socially engaged art, and technology to end caste apartheid, islamophobia, white supremacy, and religious intolerance.

Equality Lab’s vision is to center the leadership of South Asian caste-oppressed communities in the ongoing redefinition of South Asian identity in the United States, across the Diaspora, and in our home countries, from India to Tamil Eelam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, and Pakistan.

Our membership includes Dalits (formerly known as the “Untouchable” caste in India), Adivasi (indigenous), Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian, and Ravidassia South Asians.

While we are homogenized  through the process of racialization into the category “South Asian” (and therefore share many of the daily challenges of racism), the reality is that this label renders invisible the violence  caste-oppressed immigrants have faced in our home countries because of Hindu fundamentalism. 

We believe that all progressive South Asians must work towards the goals of ending both white supremacy and internal hegemonies like Caste and brahminism. We also believe we must create spaces where women, gender non-conforming, and trans leaders lead the way in identifying the probelms in our community and creating solutions. In doing so we can truly ensure all South Asian americans can create communities that have caste and gender equity.