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Community based research

Equality Labs departs from colonizing research methodologies and instead adopts indigenous research frames. We are committed to working with multiple stakeholders in our community including community institutions, academia, and individual members. Our goal is to create vital research to better understand and bring to focus the needs of our community and create the pathways to agency for caste and gender equity for all of our members.


South asian histories for all

Equality Labs worked with anchor organizations such as the Indian American Muslim Council, Sikh Coalition, Cair, and twenty other South Asian American organizations to found the South Asian Histories for All Coalition in the wake of the battle over the accurate depiction of South Asian history in California textbooks.


Internet Freedom and digital security

We believe resistance begins with understanding how we can organize safely, and protect ourselves and our communications.Equality Labs has several projects that look at the digital rights, freedom of information, and digital resiliency of our communities. To that end, we train people in digital security, build secure technology, and participate in policy battles. We believe that in this holistic convergence of practices that we can build an internet that centers race, caste, and gender equity.

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Caste in the united states

A new report from Equality Labs, produced in collaboration with a team of scholars across the United States cuts to the core of the issue of caste in the South Asian immigrant community.


Socially engaged art

As artists and organizers we believe art in both process and product is ideal for breaking the silence on the state and religious violence we face in our communities. Many of us are systematically locked out of the institutions in our community because we are religious and cultural minorities within the South Asian American community. Art then allows us a platform to be seen, resist, strategize, and move our communities toward healing.


justice for muslims collective

The mission of Justice For Muslims Collective is to combat institutional and structural Islamophobia in the DC metro area through education, grassroots organizing, advocacy, and policy change. JMC envisions a world where Muslims around the world are treated with dignity and respect while being afforded equal access to human and civil rights.