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About Equality Labs

Equality Labs is a transnational South Asian feminist organization working at the cutting-edge intersections of organizing, art, and digital security to end caste apartheid, gender-based violence, Islamophobia, and religious intolerance. We are artists, advocates, healers, technologists and organizers working on intractable systems of oppression through a collaborative solution-making model for movements.


Dalit feminist organizing

We work to create a pathway for Dalit feminist organizing against violence that not only mitigates harm, but also creates liberatory and visionary futures for all impacted by caste, religious ethno-nationalism, white supremacy, and gender-based violence. Using a transnational feminist transmedia approach, we connect multiple disciplines and platforms to maximize potential for social change and for justice.

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Intersectional leadership

Join the global movement for caste equity

We are among the first organizations, in both the Global North and South, to organize women, gender non-conforming, and trans members of South Asian religious and cultural minorities in a centralized way, during an unprecedented time of physical and digital attacks on our communities. We center the intersectional leadership of South Asian minority communities in the ongoing re-definition of South Asian identities in South Asia and across the diaspora. Our membership includes Dalit (formerly known as the “untouchable” caste in India), Adivasi (Indigenous), Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Ravidassia and Christian South Asian women, gender non-conforming/non-binary, and trans persons.

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