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Our Events

Learn more about our upcoming and past workshops and trainings.


Unlearning Caste Supremacy

Through our cutting-edge Unlearning Caste Supremacy workshop, caste abolitionists learn critical history and tools to dismantle caste apartheid.

We see this workshop, which is often one of the first activation points for youth in the South Asian diaspora, as a pathway to continued multigenerational, multifaith, multiracial movement participation.

  • Unlearning Caste Supremacy (UCS) is an intensive course offering designed to raise participants’ awarenes s of the expansive history of casteism and anti-caste resistance movements. Additionally, the workshop inspires allies and caste-privileged individuals to work together to fight for caste equity and healing for all.
  • This series helps to grow caste equity across various movements while providing multiple tools for how organizations and individuals can be an integral part of the growing global movement to ban caste. UCS is an anchor program of Equality Labs and is designed to inform participants’ understanding of the wide range of political, artistic, advocacy, and organizing work our movement does.

DEI Trainings

We are also the only, first-of-its-kind DEI provider to provide caste and race competency workshops and trainings to corporations and civil society entities.

Creative Cultural Events

Equality Labs provides uplifting cultural events for our community. In 2022, we held a virtual music festival called Radical Rhythms alongside our partner, Neelam Cultural Center. The festival featured a variety of Dalit musicians and artists, with audience members attending.

Caste Equity Advocacy

Our events also inspire and lead community members in political action. We hold advocacy days, such as the one held at the California State Capitol in 2023, to show support for legislation that uplifts and empowers caste-oppressed folx.