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Healing Justice

As Dalits and marginalized South Asians, we experience both personal and collective trauma. Even though our languages may not feature commonly-used words for trauma, we still know and feel its existence. In fact, many community rituals we have turned to for centuries can be identified as community responses to trauma


When it feels like there is no hope, we can see that there are and always have been resources towards our healing. Our healing justice initiatives aim to provide these resources towards our healing—rooted in our resilient histories.


We employ a healing justice framework with the support of licensed therapists and Somatics Experiencing professionals to build out a trauma-informed process for our base. We are creating a robust Dalit feminist framework for healing justice that can support the many groups who require healing infrastructure as part of digital resilience work as well as support the many South Asian organizations traumatized by the attacks of extremists in our homelands and in the diaspora.

More about our healing justice initiatives