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Our Impact

You can help us make an even greater impact for frontline communities by investing in our initiatives.

Civil Rights


500K students and 56K faculty and staff have been positively impacted by our civil rights advocacy


Due to our caste equity organizing, caste protections have been added at many institutions—including the California Democratic Party, Alphabet Workers’ Union, and all 23 campuses in the California State University System


In 2023, the entire city of Seattle has added caste as a protected category, making it the first U.S. city to do so


We conducted the first ever U.S. survey about caste in the diaspora with over 1,500 respondents

Digital Security


Our mission is to empower partners against online threats such as internet harassment, doxxing, malware, surveillance, phishing, and disinformation. We offer crisis support and help establish individuals and communities robust frameworks for enhanced security.


We have assisted over 500 grassroots , 501c3, 501c4, government, and small business organizations in developing security infrastructure to safeguard their staff and missions and by proxy their communities. This involves conducting security audits and providing ongoing implementation support.


We have provided one on one rapid response security support to hundreds of individuals facing a range of risks, including extremist threats, fraudulent finance, and corporate/state surveillance.


We have provided hundreds of trainings and workshops on a wide variety of topics to organizations on the front lines of social justice

Leadership Development


Through our training, mentorship, and support, caste-oppressed civil rights leaders across the nation are fighting for their rights, making their institutions more inclusive, and strengthening American democracy.


Today, we have nearly 50 collectives across corporations, universities, and civic
engagement organizations


We’ve delivered tailored trainings to over 350 organizations and companies


Equality Labs trained over 150 Dalit women in civic engagement, organizing, and technology skills through Dalit Women’s Leadership Camps