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Digital Security and Digital Rights

As historically oppressed South Asian religious and cultural minorities, we have often been the target of violence, online harassment, bullying, silencing, and disinformation.


Part of advocating for Dalit civil rights is protecting our right to free speech.

Resisting forms of oppression starts with safe online organizing and taking necessary precautions to protect ourselves, our voices, and our digital communications. The most robust defense against harmful forms of surveillance is a collective defense rooted in community, self-care, and accountability.

To learn more about protecting your information in the constantly shifting digital age, read our anti-doxing guide.

Equality Labs has several projects that look at the digital rights, freedom of information, and digital resiliency of our communities.

We train people in digital security and are traveling the length and breadth of the world to capacity-build with our partners. We have joined national roundtables and conversations to build secure technology and participate in policy battles. We believe that in a holistic convergence of practices, we can create an internet that centers race, caste, and gender equity, while decentering harmful, oppressive narratives.

Rapid Response Support

Because we continue to witness countless digital security attacks on activists happening at the axis of gender, race, religion, and ethnicity, our Digital Security team mitigates such attacks while also building power on these issues. To do this, we prepare non-partisan civic empowerment groups for upcoming elections by providing rapid response support, we work with LGBTQ+ groups in light of the recent wave of anti-trans legislation, and we support reproductive justice organizations in ensuring the integrity of their digital security. This is only a small sample of our work in the past, and we are always happy to serve any and all marginalized communities that find themselves under threat of online or offline violence. We are able to identify the areas to which our digital security support is most needed from our own experience as well as landscape research on disinformation we have conducted with other Asian American organizations. As always, we take a trauma informed approach to digital security in order to foster a community of care and resilience that can sustainably feed movements for ages.

Our Digital Security trainers provide rapid response and organizational support to organizations, collectives, and individuals at a sliding scale rate. Fill out our intake form here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.