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Caste Equity

Our caste equity programming ensures that all caste-oppressed peoples in the U.S. have legal protections so that they can live free from bigotry, violence, and discrimination.


We aim to expand on our caste equity and advocacy efforts

To do this we work to get caste added and recognized as a protected category through the implementation of policies and laws within anti-discrimination statements in institutions, states, and cities everywhere. To do this work, we assist with and co-sponsor campaigns to push caste protections at various governmental and institutional levels.

Our advocacy efforts have led to Seattle ending caste discrimination in the city, and we have proudly stood as leaders in the statewide advocacy campaign to pass SB 403, a bill introduced by California State Senator Aisha Wahab that aims to clarify existing law to ensure that the legal protections are in place against caste-based discrimination.

Our advocacy has already led to a multitude of institutions establishing caste as a protected category, including the Alphabet worker’s union, California Democratic Party, APALA, and over 30 universities such as the California State University system—impacting over 500,000 students.

Through our caste equity initiatives, we are building power across our movement to fight against caste discrimination. We can clearly see the momentum growing for achieving caste equity, and the coming years hold much promise for the fight against bigotry.

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