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Our Caste Equity Leaders


Our Founder

Thenmozhi Soundararajan

Thenmozhi Soundararajan is a Dalit American artist, community organizer, and founder / Executive Director of Equality Labs. As Equality Labs’ Executive Director, she works to dismantle systems of oppression—specifically caste apartheid, gender-based violence, Islamaphobia, and religious intolerance. Thenmozhi has mobilized thousands of South Asian Americans across faiths, castes, and generations towards not only ending violence against South Asian minority communities, but also to creating pathways for visionary futures rooted in collective care and safety for all marginalized communities. You can learn more about Thenmozhi’s work by visiting her website.

Our Partners

We are an interfaith, intercaste, multiracial coalition. Our coalition has support from the MeToo Movement, Amnesty International, Ambedkar Association of North America, Hindus for Caste Equity, Jakara Movement, South Asian Network, Sikh Coalition, the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, Alphabet Workers Union and many others working to advance the rapidly expanding international movement for caste equity.

Our Team

Equality Labs consists of a team of dedicated civil rights activists, caste equity organizers, technologists, and movement builders. We center the leadership of South Asian caste-oppressed, queer, and religious minority communities in an ongoing redefinition of South Asian identity across the world. Every day, we fight for the collective liberation of oppressed people everywhere. We mobilize international communities in order to build the world we envision.