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Election Day – The Survivors’ Agenda

For all of our South Asian Survivors of gender-based violence we know that this has been a rough year. And today we can turn that pain into power by moving change through policy. Today November 8th is Election Day, and every survivor and everyone who knows a survivor has the opportunity to make their voices heard.

So many policies directly affect survivors across the country, and as a result survivors must be the decision-makers in this election. Tomorrow, please remember that you have the power to be an advocate for yourself and for other survivors of sexual violence in this country.

If you are a survivor, or if you know someone who is a survivor of gender-based violence, here are steps you can take to ensure your voice is heard this election:

  • Make sure to go to the polls and vote tomorrow! Vote according to your priorities and needs as survivors of gender-based violence.
  • Refer to the Survivors’ Agenda to see how survivors must be the ones to shape policy regarding gender-based violence. Be sure to vote tomorrow with the Survivors’ Agenda in mind, and if you are comfortable posting about voting, you can use the hashtag #survivorvoter.
  • The consequences of this election will determine who gets certain resources, and which services will be provided and made available to survivors. When you go to the polls and vote tomorrow, keep in mind your access to important resources and social services as a survivor of gender-based violence.

We’ll see you at the ballot box!