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Our caste equity organizing aims to build power for some of the most marginalized South Asian communities. Keep up with our movement and receive updates from the ground by signing up for our newsletter.


Donate to Equality Labs

We invest in South Asian minorities across the globe. Whether that is leadership development or mutual aid, a financial gift to us is a gift to culturally oppressed communities everywhere. In honor of the powerful history of giving circles in our own communities, we mobilize a grassroots movement that is grounded in reparations for caste-oppressed communities because the path to caste abolition requires not just unlearning caste supremacy but debrahmanising wealth.

The distribution of wealth has often excluded people of color. We are working to change that—and you can too. Our fundraising efforts center marginalized communities. When you invest in us, you invest in our vision of Dalit liberation.

Invest in our work

Become a Monthly Donor

Through sustained giving, you make a commitment to meaningfully transfer wealth to historically disenfranchised peoples and directly support Dalit survivors, organizers, knowledge production, art, and power.

Have other ideas to support caste equity? You can make a stock donation, donate in-kind gifts, join our giving circle, host fundraisers, and much more. Contact us here and we will create the right giving plan for you.

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