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Through our published work, we aim to create a space where women, femmes, gender non-conforming, intersex, nonbinary and trans leaders are the architects of the solutions they need.

Advance Release: Anti-doxing Guide 3.0

Since publishing our first anti-doxing guide in 2017, the practice of doxing has evolved dramatically. Our team wanted to revisit this topic and give our communities the opportunity to take digital security into their own hands. We hope that this guide will encourage and prepare you to build a comprehensive safety plan within your communities.

We have created this anti-doxing guide to support activists around the world who may be targeted for resisting white supremacy, Islamophobia, casteism, antisemitism, anti-LGBTQ+ harassment, or any form of authoritarianism.

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This report summarizes research by Equality Labs about Islamophobic COVID-19 hate speech and disinformation.

Our findings reveal this form of Islamophobia originated on Twitter, then spread to other social media platforms, resulting in the malicious targeting of Muslims around the world.

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Caste in the United States

This report came out of a community driven survey conducted in 2016 and has now emerged as a crucial document that both presents the first evidence of caste-based discrimination in the U.S. and helps to map the internal hegemonies within our communities. It also provides insight into how the South Asian community balances the experiences of living under white supremacy while replicating caste, anti-Dalitness, and anti-Blackness.

We hope this report opens new opportunities for dialogue, accountability, and most of all justice in all of our communities.

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Facebook India

Our 2019 report presents a crucial analysis and summary of one of the gravest forms of influence circulating the Facebook India platform—hate speech and disinformation. The particularly alarming pitfalls and failures of Facebook India’s content moderation policies and their implementation are examined; and, numerous, disturbing examples of real hate speech and calls to violence against minorities are presented.

This publication provides a road map for stakeholders from multiple vantage points to help counteract an imminent human rights disaster.

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